Menu party for kids 1

Menu party for kids 1

Price per person:



Sandwiches served on platters with flavors:
Smoked turkey with Philadelphia cheese & lettuce
Ham with edam cheese – Chicken salad

Caesar salad with lettuce, chicken pieces,
garlic croutons, parmesan & Caesar s sauce

Plate with sticks of fresh vegetables
(cucumber, carrot and cherry tomatoes)

Small Pork Skewer with vegetables, mild mustard sauce
Accompanied by sliced ​​bbq pita

Mini Burger with ground beef, cheddar cheese and lettuce leaves

Small Chicken Souvlaki flavored with lemon and fresh oregano

Sausage patties

Triangular cheese pies in foil

Penne in Butter with separate red Neapolitan sauce and grated cheese

Birthday Cake – from the Nouveau sweets collection
presentation and flavor of your choice