Menu buffet cocktail 1

Menu buffet cocktail 1

Price per person:



Tortilla rolls with:
-Smoked Salmon, cream cheese, dill, cucumber, lemon and lettuce leaves
-smoked turkey, Philadelphia cheese, cucumber & red lola leaves

Cool sticks of freshly cut vegetables
with Dips of sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese – olive paste

Small Souvlaki with cherry tomatoes, bocconcini mozzarella & pesto sauce

Hot dishes
Bites of minced beef accompanied by tomato jam,
flavored with coriander

Julienne Chicken Fillet with tricolor peppers, pineapple, sesame
and spicy bbq sauce

Small pork skewer with vegetables and mild mustard sauce.
They are accompanied by bbq patties.

Eggplant pie with cheese

Potato meatballs with Greek cheese, oregano and black sesame

Raspberry Cheesecake – Cream Cookies – Lemon Bavaroise – Strawberry Chocolate Mousse
Millefeuille – Chocolate

Drinks: served from the Bar
Bottled wine white – red (from our selection list)

Various soft drinks / Bottled water
(Coca cola –zero-light, sprite, fanta and orange juice)