Menu buffet 2

Menu buffet 2

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Variety of mini breads

French salad with eruca leaves, parmesan flakes, pine nuts, croutons, pomegranate pearls and raspberry vinaigrette dressing

Mixed salad with eruca, chicory, curly lettuce, cherry tomatoes, spicy gruyere, dried figs and basil mustard vinaigrette

Hot dishes
White mushrooms stuffed with Greek carbonara sauce with apaki, fresh thyme and truffle cream

Crepe with fresh spinach, bacon and smoked Metsovo cheese

Kadaifi sheet pie and Greek cheese cream

Potatoes in the oven with lemon, mustard, rosemary and garlic cream

Pork knuckle caramelized with dark beer and tobacco aroma, served with spicy bbq sauce and chimichurri sauce

Agioreitiko milk veal with madera sauce and fresh mushrooms

Grilled chicken fillets in mustard sauce with tarragon & lime

Cakes from the Nouveau sweets collection