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Our people

The staff of Club Service Catering are the backbone of our company and are distinguished for their professionalism and experience.

They take care with absolute consistency and the smallest detail for the taste and aesthetic aspect of your reception.

Creating delicious menus & buffets for weddings, christenings, cocktail events, coffee breaks, etc., they create with you the menu you desire (fulfilling your every taste desire), with the sole aim of the enjoyment and success of the event.

The special proposals of our experienced partners offer new ideas and solutions corresponding to the aesthetics and style you desire for your own reception.


The Club Service Catering equipment is a special piece that also makes up the puzzle of the special image that our receptions present. The range of equipment available to Club Service Catering, always based on the latest advanced market proposals, allows us to ensure the quality and transport of our meals.

Careful proposals in the tableware and clothing collections for Weddings and Baptisms give you the opportunity to choose what expresses you, thus creating the style you want to characterize your own reception in combination with our own identity.

Our experienced people diligently take care of the impeccable appearance that each of our events requires.

Our Customers

Quality assurance

The quality control managers, in accordance with the rules of hygiene and quality assurance, take care of the perfect preparation and distribution of our products.

Our company’s ISO & HACCP certification (ISO22000: Food Hygiene & Safety System – ISO9001: Quality Assurance System – ISO14001: Environmental Management System) gives the customer the opportunity to trust our services without reservation.

Club Service Catering, following the European standards of operation and organization and having created modern facilities, always piloting the quality of the materials combined with the passion of our own experienced people, guarantees our customers high level conditions for every event.